Classic Cars - Our Passion

We are specialized in the making of replicas from damaged or no more existing classic car parts such as logos, characters or hood ornaments. We also make vintage caps, switches and handles – 1:1 like the original.


The best case is to have an original as a template for making the replica. If there is no original we can often use just a photo to bring a precious antique part back into life!


Your benefit - no setting up expensive machinery,

no minimum quantities.

We produce single, unique pieces and small series.


At first we digitize the desired part using a sketch, photo or the damaged original as a template.

For 3D models in the original size we require exact measurements or photos with referable other objects.


After completing the construction we discuss the 3D model with our client. If required, alterations can now be made.


We transfer the digital file with our precision 3D printer into a 3D model. This model is cast in any alloy you choose. For example iron, bronze, stainless steel or silver, gold, platinum.


 After casting the cast skin is removed and the finishing process is done by our highly skilled craftsmen.


Finally, additional manual work may be accomplished such as engraving or varnishing with a high-quality colour design. We can even apply a "Vintage Look" to the surface, giving it an old and used appearance.

Make your Classic Car beam in completeness! We are the right patner for you if logos, ornaments or any other antique parts are damaged or missing.